Thursday, September 26, 2013

Look at Dailylooks

If you are subscribed to Dailylook e-mails you receive these e-mails every so often showing different outfits with Dailylook clothe.
 So then I thought why not show others these interesting looks to others with my commentary on the side. So here you go...

Palace of Versailles
Is very nice and I really like it. I wish the dress was a little more tailored and the shoes weren't pointed, but everything else makes this look like a nice elegant night at your rich friends mansion for a gala.
Warm and Fuzzy Feelings
This is geeky cute, with skirt high waisted, weird but adorable cat shirt, and socks with heels. The only thing change is the cardigan, it's really funny and not quite the right fuzzy for this work and for me I don't think I would have enough guts to wear socks with heels. Again wish the heels toe was rounded but every else is amazing especially the bag!
This look on a total is a little crazy for me, especially the mode's face and her bottom half. What drew me into this look was the nice top and the necklace overlaid on top. I would've totally thrown a pair of jeans and some converse and called this a great look, but that skirt. For me I really am not into maxis, personally so few can wear them and pull it off and when they do wear it and it doesn't it just wear to watch. I like the maxi in the picture with zipper detail but on a person it doesn't suit her so well. The sandels are a bit awkward too, it reminds of what my dad would wear with socks. So yah I look 50% of this look!
Hello Motto
 I really liked this outfit because of the dress, since High-Lows are really in along with cutouts with dress was so awesome. Even though this dress is so simple it's really expensive. If I were to wear this dress I probably wouldn't wear the moto jacket with it, but everything else I would style it exactly like it is. BTW you can see the shoes she's wearing is featured in another post of mine, so you might want to check it out :D
Queen of Quirk
  This outfit is the total representation on opposites attract. The quirk this is so cute. I  love every part of this outfit not one things sticks our the best or the worst. But if I had say anything that I loved the most would be the necklace and skirt, so pretty! The only thing is, it isn't what I would wear on a daily basis, so said this isn't the normal casual, because I would wear every color variation of this forever!