Sunday, September 22, 2013

iOS 7 (+)

iOS 7
As Apple keeps upgrading and upgrading, new and new changes keep occurring.
So this is the Fashion side of the Blog, the + part which I'll notify in the title.
So iOS 7...
It's a beautiful design all in all, I can't be disappointed.
I idea is simple and the graphics are more of an emphasis, which is easy on the eyes. Each icon looks like a little box from your elementary art project, using glue construction paper, and scissors. Remember that? The color theme is great to, having a bright, vivid theme that doesn't give you a head ace.
Now onto accessibility...

The accessibility of the iOS 7 isn't half bad, I only have a few complaints. 
      Firstly the folder, when you open it, it fills up the whole screen which is cool with the blurry surrounding but I wish it was like before but having a blurry back ground instead the drape grey from earlier. 
     Also the keyboard,I like the font color and shape but I feel like the letters are extremely spread apart, I wish the shapes were a little bigger and having a less space in between.
    Next, they got rid of the double blick of home button to bring up apps in use and the brightness, so I have to actually pull up, which hard when I use facebook and youtube because you scroll for that too. And for my ipad the cover slips so the bottom is always underneath that cover's edge, so I have to push my iPad so it's in the cover and pull up. So hard, totally a first world problem. UGH!
    Fourthly, this isn't a complaint more like a suggestion, but with the new siri setup. It would be cool if that left the home screen with a slightly opaque siri over it, not so blurry as the made it to be.
Some things I wish would happen...
    Before, like 2 updates ago, when you went onto other apps youtube would continue playing also when you close your ipad/ipod the the music would continue. I really wish that was back again, just like pandora and iheart radio works. I also might like how youtube lets a little video continue when you search for other videos to work when you go onto other apps. I can't wait till that happens.
    Next Skype  As you can see the commercials with apple compared to windows it shows that fact that when you switch apps the video on Skype freezes. Sometimes this can be fun, where before you switch app you can pose a face and freeze it knowing your friend is going to see it, but all and all they really need to change that somehow. Along with that they need more multi tasking features, like looking at mail while on youtube, or scrolling through facebook updates when watching abc app.

So I hope you like my thoughts and opinions the iOS7 and give me tips or thoughts of it in the comments and telling my what's your favorite or least favorite thing about the iOS7 upadte.
Also leave suggestions in the comment and you blog site so I can visit your page and see your awesome thoughts :D