Saturday, September 21, 2013

Homecoming: Part 1

It's that time again where girls are either worrying about who her date is going be or what dress she's going to wear, at least in high school. I can't help with the first one but I defiantly help with the second one.
This section will be put in 2 parts The expensive side and cheap side. This is...
 Part 1
Love Culture
Sweetheart Sequin Mesh Dress
I know this may bot be the puffy pretty dress you're used to but Homecoming is about the trashiest dance you can get. So hike up your skirt and getting something simple that shows you curves. This dress is perfect the glittery dress makes you stand out, the mech back will cover makes it look some what elegant and the dark color will make you look good.
I wouldn't style it like this picture but makeup isn't so off. 
Sammy Dress

Cute V-Neck Pleated Sleeveless Chiffon Yellow Summer Dress For Women

 Despite the fact that I previously mentioned that Homecoming is the most trashiest Dance you dress up for doesn't me you have to. Dressing elagent is simple may make you stand out ten times better. But even is this dess looks bland, the dress is only half the work, add a beautiful belt with a white bow detail in front, some chunky, shiny, chainy, and glitzy necklaces. Sterling Clutch and shoes, and maybe put your hair down and pin one side out witha jeweled comb, and you would look stunning.
I've never used this site before,so I don't know how much shipping impacts it. It's simliar to YESSTYLE which is international so that may impact the current cost.


Strapless metallic lace with skater skirt

You may be thinking this dress is pretty dang expensive, and I'm think yes it is! But...I know there are "some" girls like 80% that rush to here for their homecoming dress no wait I'm sorry, for ALL of their dresses. UGH! I hate this site, shop, and store I just want to burn it. WHY? It's the epitome of TACKNESS, over priced TACKNESS, bejeweled everything that aren't even form flattering to size zero models. UGH! But just for those people who adore Deb, I picked a some what acceptable dress from the "shop". It's simple with lace making it elagent, and skaters skirts are extremely nice for everyone. LIke the picture keep jewelry simple with everything that shines.

  So I hoped you enjoyed these cheap dresses for homecoming. Tell me which one you like best or suggest a one of your own!
P.S Leave suggestions in the comments along your belong site so I can check it out!