Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Forever 21 Fake Out!

Forever 21 Fake out!

I know, as Fashion changes so does it's prices, not in a good way. So when we are low on our bucks, when is it okay to trade something out with places like Forever 21. Well here's you daily Yes and No Fake outs!


When it's something
simple like a LBD with no 
embellishments, it's okay! 

Can you guess which is which? 
Mango Ribbed Bodycon Dress
Forever 21
V-Back Bodycon Dress

The material is made of silk from ASOS. You can see detailed bodycon lines on ASOS. Forever 21 has a V-Neck back, which doesn't work if you're looking for the modest look. Different sleeve lengths. Different neck cuts.
All and all little differences could be told because it's simple and black. A great Forever 21 Fake!