Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Team Spirt: Football Edition

Football Fashion!
It's college football season is here, and this saturday you favorite is playing! YAH! So what do you wear that isn't just a jersey or t-shirt and jeans?
Well here's some nice ideas that can inspire you!

Shirt: Husker Authentic Nebraska Cornhuskers Women's Galaxy II Slim Fit T-Shirt - Scarlet  Here
Skirt: Top Shop High Waisted Denim Look Skirt Here
Bow: Forever 21 Faux Leather Bow Barrett Here
Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor Classic Colors (Black) Here
This look is probably the most cute and simple one, that any one will look good and be comfy too! But seriously anything with a skater skirt, bow, and chuck taylors canot go wrong!
Jacket: Husker Authentic

adidas Nebraska Cornhuskers Ladies Scarlet Triple Threat Full Zip Track Jacket Here

Shirt: Bloomingdale's Aqua Top - Texture Crop  Here
Pants: Farfetch 'Jackson' legging Here
Shoes: Macy MICHAEL Michael Kors Shoes, York Ankle Booties Here
This outfit is a little on the edgy, high fashion side. If you want to look sporty showing off you awesome figure this is the outfit, but still keeping classy with the stunning shoes. Love it!
Shirt: Forever 21Sleek Scuba Knit Crop Top Here
Shorts: Husker Authentic Nebraska Cornhuskers Women's Flip Shorts - Scarlet Here
Shoes: Nike Nike Flex 2012 Run iD Here
Glasses: Nike Excellerate Here
This is one the sporty side, showing a cute outfit that looks high fashion that you can move around in and keep cool in those crowded sweaty games during those hot days! I love the scube top here and the nike is also my love! 

You may have noticed something that these outfits 

have in common. GO HUSKERS! But I hope you like 

the outfits I showed you so you can get ready for 

football season, FASHION!

Hey! Tell me ideas for future blog posts in the Comments!

Also tell my favorite outfit or your football team you're rooting 

for this year, (if you are rooting for one)!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dressing Divine

Dressing Devine
I found some great finds so hope you like them!

These are stunning dresses am I right? I just had some spare time in my very busy day to find these, So I hope you like them. My favorite has to be the first one. 

What's yours?


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall T.V. Shows (+)

Fall T.V. Shows

So as fall comes, not only do new fashion trends come, so does t.v. shows. So as apart of my (+) area of my blog, I'd like to give you my top few T.V. Shows of Fall

I have to start with Elementary, because right now that's my favorite show. Last season I was extremely impressed by it, that storyline, the acting, and well everything! Casting, if you didn't know, I find amazing, and they are phenomenal at acting. The story line gets better & better, pushing forward, but not too much and has the regular crime solving stuff. For half of the episodes I can figure out the killer, but for the half it's just an interesting story. Unlike other shows, hint hint wink wink castle, they don't show the killer at the beginning. So I really love it!
Second, on my amazing T.V. list of fall is heirs. It's this great K-Drama/ Romantic-Comedy that is blowing up in Korea. Now don't turn off this review with the letter K appears, because this is really good. It will appeal to the the cute romantics inside everyone of you. With a girl who the heir to poverty, finding herself in the middle of heirs to companies, stocks, and more. This is a great great SHOW and she should watch it on Dramafever, who has English subs.
Hart of Dixie
This show is a totally under promotioned show, I wasn't sure if I wanted to mention it, but the truth is I adore watching this show. It's so cute, Zoey (The Main Character) dresses up in the cutest outfits, and the story is...well...hilarious. This isn't your normal T.V. sense it's set in Bluebell, Alabama, with the conflicts only a little can have. It's a romantic comedy all over and something so Darling that anyone would fall in love with this show. It's on its 3rd Season so watch it on the CW!

Running Man
I know, I know you probably aren't into Korean stuff but this variety show is Hilarious. It's sort of like the amazing race...but not. It has a permeant cast with celebrity guests. They have challenges that will just crack you up and it's just indescribable. If you ever at least try to watch this show, be prepared to crack up every 5 minutes, it's that great!
Now this T.V. is all brand new and is one on the CW. It's not the best of best, but I think it is so great and get there. It's about Mary Queen of Scots most comely known by us "Bloody Mary" but that's a fun fact most people don't associate with this T.V. show, but it's true. It's basically as historically correct as it can get while still being entertain to the 21 century. The storyline is getting the FASHION is KILLER! Also it also has a tiny creepy aspect you wouldn't expect. The romance that I was prepared for...isn't quite there but I bet it will be. SO watch it because really good!

So I have a ton more T.V. I'd love to talk about but...I don't want rant on. So if you like this I can give you an update on these T.V. shows or show more that like.

Tell me what you like this fall, any new favorites in mind?

And see you later


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Skirting By

Skirting By
So I decided do a little looking around and found the cutest skirts that I like this season! Also this is my first blogpost on November! YAY!
Hope you enjoy them!

Skirts are the medium between casual and formal and something girls love to wear on a daily basis. I found some delightful cute skirts on the wide world web that might inspire some of your next purchases.

Tell my your FAVORITES in the comments and your blog!

Thanks for stopping by and see you in the next post


Thursday, October 31, 2013


So it's...
Todays outfit on my wish list is...
Cho Chang from Harry Potter
Yule Ball Gown

Despite her racially controversial name, she had to be one of my favorite characters. Why? Because she is asian and british, and a british guys likes, actually two, and show dates EDWARD! Ahhh! Just kidding of course on the Edward part but not one the dress. This is a gorgeous qipao , having an elagent western feel on it. I love the color, fit, and cuts. The stitching of the very gorgeous fabric is lovely. As you guys are too, I'm disappointed that no one actually sells this because they would have a very high fortune if they did. I just adore it!

So this concludes my Halloween! theme for this month! I am so relived that this is over because it was a lot of work! I hoped you guys like it and comment if you want this again next year or any other ideas of yours.

Get Ready for NOVEMBER and CYA!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween October 29

Halloween Countdown!
So it's...
2 days
Todays outfit on my wish list is...
Holly Golightly
Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's

Don't we all kind of want to be Audrey, with stunning elegance and her timeless style. Everything about Holly seem so posh a beautiful. From her tiara to her gloves, our eyes are glues to her. We all have to agree that this costume is yes! I want it you want it we all want it! AAAHhhh!
Give YAH to HOLLY!


Halloween October 30

Halloween Countdown!
So it's...
1 days
Todays outfit on my wish list is...
Beauxbatons of Harry Potter

Don't You just love the Beauxbaton's outfits, they were so cute and pretty!
Obviously, sense this was a movie costume, it wasn't exactly sold places, so I made my own remake of the costume.You wear everything as is should be with the shirt tucked in,and maybe paired with so black tights.  Some of the stuff was hard to find, *cough* dressed so I improvised. I hope you like and you can of course put you own spin on it!

Tomorrow will be Harry Potter AGAIN can you guess what it will be?