Sunday, September 29, 2013

Neon Bag!

So a great friend of mine got this bag, but she didn't think it was her style and gave it to me! I Adore it! Don't you? 
So I decided to take some pics with it, hope you love it!

 The only thing I know where I got the item from is the Blazer I got from Forever 21

Hope you liked my spontaneous post!


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pinterest Palazzo!

Pintrest Pics!
I know some of you guys love pinterest! So I have 10 favorite pictures from 10 different sections that I love at this moment that you might like too!

Hair & Beauty
Home Decor

So I hoped you guys liked my picks for today, and to access all of them just click on them!

In the comments tell me your favorite, wether it's here in this post or some on your own pintrest!

 And don't forgot to leave your blog site so I can visit.

So long!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Look at Dailylooks

If you are subscribed to Dailylook e-mails you receive these e-mails every so often showing different outfits with Dailylook clothe.
 So then I thought why not show others these interesting looks to others with my commentary on the side. So here you go...

Palace of Versailles
Is very nice and I really like it. I wish the dress was a little more tailored and the shoes weren't pointed, but everything else makes this look like a nice elegant night at your rich friends mansion for a gala.
Warm and Fuzzy Feelings
This is geeky cute, with skirt high waisted, weird but adorable cat shirt, and socks with heels. The only thing change is the cardigan, it's really funny and not quite the right fuzzy for this work and for me I don't think I would have enough guts to wear socks with heels. Again wish the heels toe was rounded but every else is amazing especially the bag!
This look on a total is a little crazy for me, especially the mode's face and her bottom half. What drew me into this look was the nice top and the necklace overlaid on top. I would've totally thrown a pair of jeans and some converse and called this a great look, but that skirt. For me I really am not into maxis, personally so few can wear them and pull it off and when they do wear it and it doesn't it just wear to watch. I like the maxi in the picture with zipper detail but on a person it doesn't suit her so well. The sandels are a bit awkward too, it reminds of what my dad would wear with socks. So yah I look 50% of this look!
Hello Motto
 I really liked this outfit because of the dress, since High-Lows are really in along with cutouts with dress was so awesome. Even though this dress is so simple it's really expensive. If I were to wear this dress I probably wouldn't wear the moto jacket with it, but everything else I would style it exactly like it is. BTW you can see the shoes she's wearing is featured in another post of mine, so you might want to check it out :D
Queen of Quirk
  This outfit is the total representation on opposites attract. The quirk this is so cute. I  love every part of this outfit not one things sticks our the best or the worst. But if I had say anything that I loved the most would be the necklace and skirt, so pretty! The only thing is, it isn't what I would wear on a daily basis, so said this isn't the normal casual, because I would wear every color variation of this forever!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

S.H.I.E.L.D ABC T.V (+)

S. H . I . E . L . D
ABC T.V. Show
So I just finished watching S. H. I. E. L. D. on ABC and I'm here to review on it.

So out of 10 I'd rate it a 8.5 or 10

This shows was pretty good, I mean it has what it said it had. Comedy, Action, and Drama. The emotional factor at the end was pretty good showing it's well written script. The story line was pretty good too following mainly 3-4 groups which I hope doesn't spin into something to confusing and unnecessary later. The plot line for the pilot in gener was okay, I liked it and all but some parts were generic, the way they expressed was cool but the thing they were trying to express was bland. It was guy who has a superpower and ends in a situation where he...well you'll have to watch it.
So to end this, this will probably be a show I'll follow this fall.

What about you? Did you watch it? Yet ?
What did you think about and what are your shows you are looking forward to or shows you've seen that you plan on thinking of.
Leave them in the comments along with your blog page.
Also leave suggestions!

10 things I wish I could buy from Citizen Mod

So recently I found out about this amazing site for accessories.
Then I found out it is amazingly expensive.
So for now I can stock up on my imaginary jewelry rack and wait till I have enough money buy these.
BTW this a tribute to my 10 awesome first followers. YAH! Including me :D
10 things
I wish I could get...
Glamour Ornament Necklace

Gold Medusa Necklace

Large Link Pave Bracelet
14KT Plated Gold Druzy
White Swarovski Studs
Gold Vintage Square Studs
Golden Arrow Bengal
Dual Gold Crescent Bar
 Gold Ice Rhinestone Bib

Sunday, September 22, 2013

iOS 7 (+)

iOS 7
As Apple keeps upgrading and upgrading, new and new changes keep occurring.
So this is the Fashion side of the Blog, the + part which I'll notify in the title.
So iOS 7...
It's a beautiful design all in all, I can't be disappointed.
I idea is simple and the graphics are more of an emphasis, which is easy on the eyes. Each icon looks like a little box from your elementary art project, using glue construction paper, and scissors. Remember that? The color theme is great to, having a bright, vivid theme that doesn't give you a head ace.
Now onto accessibility...

The accessibility of the iOS 7 isn't half bad, I only have a few complaints. 
      Firstly the folder, when you open it, it fills up the whole screen which is cool with the blurry surrounding but I wish it was like before but having a blurry back ground instead the drape grey from earlier. 
     Also the keyboard,I like the font color and shape but I feel like the letters are extremely spread apart, I wish the shapes were a little bigger and having a less space in between.
    Next, they got rid of the double blick of home button to bring up apps in use and the brightness, so I have to actually pull up, which hard when I use facebook and youtube because you scroll for that too. And for my ipad the cover slips so the bottom is always underneath that cover's edge, so I have to push my iPad so it's in the cover and pull up. So hard, totally a first world problem. UGH!
    Fourthly, this isn't a complaint more like a suggestion, but with the new siri setup. It would be cool if that left the home screen with a slightly opaque siri over it, not so blurry as the made it to be.
Some things I wish would happen...
    Before, like 2 updates ago, when you went onto other apps youtube would continue playing also when you close your ipad/ipod the the music would continue. I really wish that was back again, just like pandora and iheart radio works. I also might like how youtube lets a little video continue when you search for other videos to work when you go onto other apps. I can't wait till that happens.
    Next Skype  As you can see the commercials with apple compared to windows it shows that fact that when you switch apps the video on Skype freezes. Sometimes this can be fun, where before you switch app you can pose a face and freeze it knowing your friend is going to see it, but all and all they really need to change that somehow. Along with that they need more multi tasking features, like looking at mail while on youtube, or scrolling through facebook updates when watching abc app.

So I hope you like my thoughts and opinions the iOS7 and give me tips or thoughts of it in the comments and telling my what's your favorite or least favorite thing about the iOS7 upadte.
Also leave suggestions in the comment and you blog site so I can visit your page and see your awesome thoughts :D

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Homecoming: Part 2

It's that time again where girls are either worrying about who her date is going be or what dress she's going to wear, at least in high school. I can't help with the first one but I defiantly help with the second one.
This section will be put in 2 parts The expensive side and cheap side. This is...
 Part 2
Semi-formal Dress Glitter Shutter Top Tucket Homecoming Dress
Sorry about the iffy image, but guys this is my dream homecoming dress. AHHHH! I love so much it has the glitter the elegance the gold the unique skirt detail. It's not that expensive compared to like Gucci but I consider it quite up there, like, I wouldn't by this for my sophomore year homecoming. I just love it, especially the straight neckline, and AAHHH this is just a dream.
Embellished Fit and Flare Dress
If you haven't noticed the looks I like go for, it usually has a fit and flare or some embellished or glittery detail. I don't go rhinestones or drapes, I go for elegance+modern. I really do like drapes and goddess like dresses but for me and this time of year these kind of dresses work for me. Now nordstorm is the awesome equivalent to debs. While a lot of girls go to debs, a lot other girls go to nordstorm. But unlike debs, NORDSTORM is the the bomb, THE STROM. Get it? So this dress is amazing, it looks great and it makes us look great, with beautiful Safire blue tone, that makes go ahhhhh. This dress is beautiful but expensive.

Coast Avalina Bandeau Dress with Full Skirt
Now ASOS is my most favorite online Window shopping site and I love about everything that it has in stock and this dress doesn't disappoint. The only changes I wished were made to this dress is if the whole top layer skirt was a not so opaque chiffon then having a strip near the bottone of the skirt, sheer. Also the neck line a little higher. Other then that I love this dress. It's a little out of what I usually like but this dress just speaks cute. If this were in different colors like salmon, yellow, and sea foam green I'd love it even more and by everyone of them. This is the kind of dress people like Deb try to copy and make it look terrible. This is just amazing chic, simple dress that no one else would wear and is not on the extremely higher end of expensive.

So I hoped you enjoyed my Homecoming Blogs and leave in the comments on your favorite one, either theses ones above or your own you're going to wear.
Also tell me suggestions on what to write and your blog site in the comments so I can check out your blog, maybe you might do a homecoming special like mine. 
xoxo -_- xoxo

Homecoming: Part 1

It's that time again where girls are either worrying about who her date is going be or what dress she's going to wear, at least in high school. I can't help with the first one but I defiantly help with the second one.
This section will be put in 2 parts The expensive side and cheap side. This is...
 Part 1
Love Culture
Sweetheart Sequin Mesh Dress
I know this may bot be the puffy pretty dress you're used to but Homecoming is about the trashiest dance you can get. So hike up your skirt and getting something simple that shows you curves. This dress is perfect the glittery dress makes you stand out, the mech back will cover makes it look some what elegant and the dark color will make you look good.
I wouldn't style it like this picture but makeup isn't so off. 
Sammy Dress

Cute V-Neck Pleated Sleeveless Chiffon Yellow Summer Dress For Women

 Despite the fact that I previously mentioned that Homecoming is the most trashiest Dance you dress up for doesn't me you have to. Dressing elagent is simple may make you stand out ten times better. But even is this dess looks bland, the dress is only half the work, add a beautiful belt with a white bow detail in front, some chunky, shiny, chainy, and glitzy necklaces. Sterling Clutch and shoes, and maybe put your hair down and pin one side out witha jeweled comb, and you would look stunning.
I've never used this site before,so I don't know how much shipping impacts it. It's simliar to YESSTYLE which is international so that may impact the current cost.


Strapless metallic lace with skater skirt

You may be thinking this dress is pretty dang expensive, and I'm think yes it is! But...I know there are "some" girls like 80% that rush to here for their homecoming dress no wait I'm sorry, for ALL of their dresses. UGH! I hate this site, shop, and store I just want to burn it. WHY? It's the epitome of TACKNESS, over priced TACKNESS, bejeweled everything that aren't even form flattering to size zero models. UGH! But just for those people who adore Deb, I picked a some what acceptable dress from the "shop". It's simple with lace making it elagent, and skaters skirts are extremely nice for everyone. LIke the picture keep jewelry simple with everything that shines.

  So I hoped you enjoyed these cheap dresses for homecoming. Tell me which one you like best or suggest a one of your own!
P.S Leave suggestions in the comments along your belong site so I can check it out!