Thursday, October 31, 2013


So it's...
Todays outfit on my wish list is...
Cho Chang from Harry Potter
Yule Ball Gown

Despite her racially controversial name, she had to be one of my favorite characters. Why? Because she is asian and british, and a british guys likes, actually two, and show dates EDWARD! Ahhh! Just kidding of course on the Edward part but not one the dress. This is a gorgeous qipao , having an elagent western feel on it. I love the color, fit, and cuts. The stitching of the very gorgeous fabric is lovely. As you guys are too, I'm disappointed that no one actually sells this because they would have a very high fortune if they did. I just adore it!

So this concludes my Halloween! theme for this month! I am so relived that this is over because it was a lot of work! I hoped you guys like it and comment if you want this again next year or any other ideas of yours.

Get Ready for NOVEMBER and CYA!