Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween October 28

Halloween Countdown!
So it's...
3 days
Todays outfit on my wish list is...
Joan Watson from Elementary

As you can see I very much like Elementary  it is by far my favorite show for the past year and has stille been holding that place. To top that I love how John Watson is Joan Watson and her impecable style. I certainly adore how Lucy Lui plays Joan and I just love everything about it, British Accents and all!
I love Joans fashion because it's not to grown up but not to adolescent. She has all these cute skirts, nice solid colored shirts, and well everything I like! I just like her style and wish I could dress up as her!
Hope you guys love her style as much as I do!
And Halloween is getting very ClOSE so
don't FREAK OUT!