Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween October 15

Halloween Countdown!
So it's...
16 days
Todays outfit is...
Deluxe Sassy Aurora Costume
 Women's Disney Princess Aurora Costume

As you can see it's another Princess costume and as you can see also that there are two different one. Firstly I choose Aurora not because I like her, cause to be honest I really don't but you have to admit her outfit was pretty cute and pretty. So I found to Aurora outfits that both had their pros and cons. For the first one I really liked how they created the over the shoulder detail I also liked how they cut the over lay of the skirt. For the bottom one I liked the color of the skirt, the bow in the back was also cute and I really liked the ruffle detail.

So tell me which on you like better or ideas for the coming days!