Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall T.V. Shows (+)

Fall T.V. Shows

So as fall comes, not only do new fashion trends come, so does t.v. shows. So as apart of my (+) area of my blog, I'd like to give you my top few T.V. Shows of Fall

I have to start with Elementary, because right now that's my favorite show. Last season I was extremely impressed by it, that storyline, the acting, and well everything! Casting, if you didn't know, I find amazing, and they are phenomenal at acting. The story line gets better & better, pushing forward, but not too much and has the regular crime solving stuff. For half of the episodes I can figure out the killer, but for the half it's just an interesting story. Unlike other shows, hint hint wink wink castle, they don't show the killer at the beginning. So I really love it!
Second, on my amazing T.V. list of fall is heirs. It's this great K-Drama/ Romantic-Comedy that is blowing up in Korea. Now don't turn off this review with the letter K appears, because this is really good. It will appeal to the the cute romantics inside everyone of you. With a girl who the heir to poverty, finding herself in the middle of heirs to companies, stocks, and more. This is a great great SHOW and she should watch it on Dramafever, who has English subs.
Hart of Dixie
This show is a totally under promotioned show, I wasn't sure if I wanted to mention it, but the truth is I adore watching this show. It's so cute, Zoey (The Main Character) dresses up in the cutest outfits, and the story is...well...hilarious. This isn't your normal T.V. sense it's set in Bluebell, Alabama, with the conflicts only a little can have. It's a romantic comedy all over and something so Darling that anyone would fall in love with this show. It's on its 3rd Season so watch it on the CW!

Running Man
I know, I know you probably aren't into Korean stuff but this variety show is Hilarious. It's sort of like the amazing race...but not. It has a permeant cast with celebrity guests. They have challenges that will just crack you up and it's just indescribable. If you ever at least try to watch this show, be prepared to crack up every 5 minutes, it's that great!
Now this T.V. is all brand new and is one on the CW. It's not the best of best, but I think it is so great and get there. It's about Mary Queen of Scots most comely known by us "Bloody Mary" but that's a fun fact most people don't associate with this T.V. show, but it's true. It's basically as historically correct as it can get while still being entertain to the 21 century. The storyline is getting the FASHION is KILLER! Also it also has a tiny creepy aspect you wouldn't expect. The romance that I was prepared for...isn't quite there but I bet it will be. SO watch it because really good!

So I have a ton more T.V. I'd love to talk about but...I don't want rant on. So if you like this I can give you an update on these T.V. shows or show more that like.

Tell me what you like this fall, any new favorites in mind?

And see you later